Tire Changer

We realize that you choose us day in and day out for all your tire & auto repair needs. And for that we’re grateful. We also want to make sure that we treat you with the same respect and choose YOU whenever we perform a service. By choosing you, that means we’re using the best equipment available all while keeping our prices affordable.

That’s why we’re proud to have on site a John Bean ATC 1000 Tire Changer.

The ATC 1000 is an automatic tire changing system that measures tire diameter using a unique laser technology. It accurately profiles the wheel and positions the tire for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking. What does that mean to you as a Aaron's Best One customer? This automatic tire changer offers a ‘Do No Harm’ guarantee, keeping your tires & wheels protected. Now that’s choosing the customer, first.

Swing on by & we’ll be glad to change up how you get your tires changed.

We’re proud to have on site a John Bean ATC 1000 Tire Changer. Ask us how we better protect your investment.

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