Transmission Replacement

A vehicle’s transmission allows power to be sent from the vehicle’s engine to its drive mechanism. Since the transmission plays such a crucial role in a vehicle’s operation, transmission problems cannot be ignored. If your transmission issue cannot be repaired, your transmission must be replaced. Usually there are two options – either a brand new transmission or a refurbished transmission replacement. While a new transmission comes from the vehicle manufacturer complete with a factory-backed warranty, the downside to this option is that it’s usually the most expensive.

A refurbished transmission replacement is often the more viable option for consumers due to the fact that these transmissions are considerably less expensive, having been rebuilt either by the manufacturer or a professional transmission refurbishing company. In many cases, the refurbished transmissions are actually better than the original unit that failed due to the fact that manufacturers often implement improvements in the transmission components. The manufacturer will incorporate the new and improved replacement parts in the transmission replacement.

If your vehicle is in need of transmission service, our expert technicians will determine whether transmission repair or transmission replacement is your best option. We will perform the services you need at an affordable price.

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Can a transmission replacement be a better option than a transmission repair?

Even if your vehicle’s transmission can be repaired, a transmission replacement may be a better choice. Rather than removing an existing transmission, completely disassembling and reassembling it, a transmission replacement can be performed using a transmission that has already been rebuilt or remanufactured. A transmission replacement will get you back on the road much faster, but there are things to consider with transmission replacement.

In some cases, a transmission model will have numerous variations depending on variables such as vehicle model, engine, axle ratio, or tire size. Using the wrong transmission replacement could result in issues as simple as an incorrect speedometer reading or as serious as incorrect shift points or transmission failure due to the engine being more powerful than the transmission replacement can manager. Our technicians understand these issues and are fully trained and experienced in successful transmission replacement.

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